K-Trail Cares” is more than words—it’s the very spirit of our brand. Dive into the world of K-Trail, where care and excellence merge seamlessly. Welcome aboard!

K-Trail Cares” is more than words—it’s the very spirit of our brand. Dive into the world of K-Trail, where care and excellence merge seamlessly. Welcome aboard!

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“YOUR NEXT TRAILER will be submerged in an 850 degree Fahrenheit bath of molten zinc for 15 minutes. This process penetrates 3 layers deep and encapsulates every weld, every tube of steel, every length of channel, and every flat metal surface after fabrication to protect from corrosion and ensure value in your equipment. This is MUCH MORE than a coating, this process changes the molecular structure of our steel down to the third layer, and creates industry leading corrosion resistance.”

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As the Roy family grows, so does our commitment to Care

FamilyPicture600From the vision of our patriarch in the 1960s to the commitment of today’s state of the art, laser focused, third generation, the K-Trail legacy is built on Family, Care, and unmatched dedication. Each trailer reflects our unwavering commitment to Quality, Precision, and Value. As our family grows, so does our promise to every K-Trail customer: This is our legacy.

Beneath the robust build of every K-Trail galvanized trailer lies a deeper story of commitment—a testament to our guiding motto, “K-Trail Cares.” This commitment resonates in our unwavering dedication to our employees, dealers, End users and community.

To our esteemed customers, we pledge not just to meet, but to surpass your expectations, delivering trailers crafted with Quality, precision, and value. Our business collaborators receive our deep-seated respect, recognizing that their input is instrumental in our journey to excellence. For our dedicated employees, the pillars of our enterprise, we ensure an environment that champions safety, growth, and innovation—ensuring that their expertise is etched into every trailer we forge.

Beyond our production lines, our responsibility blooms into our neighborhoods. We engage in community-focused endeavors, back charitable drives, and adopt sustainable actions to echo our dedication to the environment.

“K-Trail Cares” is more than a phrase—it’s our heritage, our pledge, our journey. We warmly invite you to be part of this journey, to experience the meticulous craftsmanship of our galvanized trailers, and to feel the genuine care that defines us. Welcome to K-Trail, where every trailer is backed by our Care Team of excellence!

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K-Trail is expanding it’s dealership base in both the US and Canada. If you are a dealer and would like to sell THE LEADING brand of galvanized and corrosion free trailers, reach out below and we will contact you.